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About Water Skis

The size and build of a skier (height and weight) helps to figure out what size ski is right for you. As a general suggestion, the following weight and size chart should help you determine the base ski size for your body type.
Sometimes, you may decide to use a different size ski. If you are buying skis for a 140 pound, 15 year old boy that is already close to 6' tall...based on weight alone we would typically recommend getting a ski that is 65" long.  But because of the height of the skier and the fact that he is 15 and will probably fill out his frame you would want to go with a 67" ski so he doesn't quickly out grow them.

If you trying to chose between two sizes, keep in mind that a longer ski will allow for greater speeds and will act more stable.  A shorter ski will turn quicker but will also tend to fatigue the skier more quickly. In general we recommend much larger skis than we did 10+ years ago. This is because newer skis can turn better, be more stable and handle increased speed between turns...even at the larger size.
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