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About Wakeboards

Your weight is one of the most important factors in choosing the right size wakeboard. A lot of people relate wakeboarding to snowboarding as related to height. But unlike snowboarding, you will need to be able to float on top of the water! Different wakeboards have specific sizing guidelines, because of the shapes of the boards. A general rule of thumb is, if multiple people are going to be using the board, base your selection on the weight of the rider who will ride the most, or the heaviest rider. Riding styles will also play as a factor.

Why might you want a shorter wakeboard?

You may want a shorter board if you prefer a slower ride on the water, but it also offers the ability to flip and spin in the air more easily.  Landings though, tend to be harder, because of the boards have a smaller surface area.

Why might you want a longer wakeboard?

If your looking for an easier board, or are just learning about wakeboarding, longer boards provide a solid ride that will really pop off the wake. If your looking for a faster ride, longer boards are a also great choice. They tend to be heavier in the air and you will gain a little more control out of a longer board, so they tend to be great for learning new tricks. Landings will be softer since there is a larger surface area.
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